The Back of the Card

I don’t like to leave the back of my card blank.  Some people do, and that’s ok.  However, I like to make my cards look as professional as possible.  All the big brand companies put logos, barcodes, prices, etc. on the backs of their cards.  I don’t put all those things but I do like to put something that will catch the eye.  In the past, I have used a stamp that says something like this, “Handmade for you by . . . . . ”  Now I have changed that to a more elaborate selection of graphics and text.  Here is a picture of how it looks.

I use Print Master, which is  very inexpensive graphics program to accomplish this.  I open a blank project and change my dimensions to the size of the card.  I just add a piece of clip art and the text and there you go.  Now I do keep these saved as files on my laptop.  I have them pre-made to fit several different card sizes and for cards folded at the top or the left-hand side.  I also have them pre-made for different clipart that fits the idea of the card.  The other day I made a “Congratulations on your piano recital” card.  Instead of the bouquet, I used musical notations.  I also changed the verse to reflect one that included a musical reference.  So you see, it is really easy to create a professional look on the back of the card to match the beautiful creation on the front.  Try it yourself, it’s lots of fun.

Love, Lori


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