May is Graduation Month

May is an awesome month. Spring is in full swing and quickly running into a beautiful, hot summer. Also, school is winding down as summer continues its fast approach. I love the warm weather and being outside without the threat of contracting frostbite. OK, so I am being a bit dramatic. Temperatures here in East TN can get very cold but usually they do not, even in the midst of Winter. Nevertheless, I adore the warm weather and the feeling of the sun as it beats down on my shoulders and face . . .  Hmmm . . .  Oh . . . Sorry, I think my mind took a vacation in St. Maartens Island, but it’s back now. {sad face} May holds many things.  My favorite thing about May is that it is Graduation Month. It presents a wonderful opportunity to a card-maker, such as myself, to make many, many cards. Now my daughter is not graduating this year, however, we have many friends who are. So I know that I will be making quite a few of these cards this year. This is my first one of the season.


This card, at least on the outside, does not mention the term “graduation.”  It is for a young man who is graduating from high school so it needed to be subtle and masculine. I didn’t want puffy, bright flowers or bold colors. It would also be appropriate as an encouragement card to be sent to either a man or a woman.


  • Cut a 10″ long x 7″ wide card from Kraft Cardstock
  • Score and press down center of card to make a 5″ x 7″ card with the fold at the top
  • Using a Versamark Watermark Stamp Pad and a simple flourish stamp, impress the image onto the center-right portion of the front of the card
  • I made the Artisan Label and the Artisan Border using a Silhouette SD die-cutting machine. However, a similar label and border can be purchased or punched from cardstock.
  • Place the label and border on card front as shown
  • Glue eight (8) clear gemstones above border as shown.

I used the Artisan Border because it mimicked the points in the Artisan Label and caused that design to flow throughout the front of the card. Because this card was for a young man, I kept the overall colors neutral with just a splash of color in the border. If you would like it to be more bold, simply change out your colors to suit your need.

Happy Graduation!


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